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MithosX 10-28-16 10:07 AM

Keep getting a LUA error with my custom rotation WA
Hi everyone,

I am desperate need of your help. I've fully updated my WA that use Alayas Stoneheart procs, massacre procs, and lastly Odyn's Fury. I've also tried to simplifying the code by deleting stuff I don't need. However I keep getting stuck on this weird LUA error. It happens after I kill a few mob and target a dead mob. After that the entire WA stops working and I get spawned with the same LUA error.

Which is this:

However the LUA error seems to be totally gone if I disable (as in load: never in WA) icon 2 (which is the "use next" icon. Though I don't know what to change there to fix it since the LUA error isn't giving me any info on where it is in the WA.

This is my current WA: (with icon 2 enabled).

Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Phanx 10-29-16 03:04 PM

The error is telling you exactly what's wrong. The values are being passed to the GetSpellCooldown function do not identify a valid spell to check.

If you're calling this function yourself in a Lua code snippet, check for typos or other problems with the values you're passing it, and/or post the actual snippet.

If you're not calling it yourself, check the names or IDs you've entered for any spells anywhere, and make sure they match exactly what's shown in your spellbook.

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