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JDoubleU00 08-17-17 09:17 PM

Development Environment
I've read the threads about what editors people prefer and besides Notepad ++, I'm trying out Visual Studio Code and eventually take a look at Sublime.

I know a lot of authors use GitHub, do you guys use the desktop client? What about versioning, what tools do you use for that? I'm trying to set up a working environment for writing addons whether for personal use or for publishing here.

p3lim 08-18-17 12:07 AM

Under SublimeText I use (and contribute to) a plugin to integrate Git, then use Git tags for versioning (scheme differs based on project, SemVer is a good idea).
For publishing I use CurseForge's packager and my proxy, although something like BigWigs's packager running under TravisCI works well too (we use that for oUF).

Afaik, VSCode has built-in Git/GitHub support.

Mayron 08-24-17 02:26 AM


Originally Posted by p3lim (Post 324681)
For publishing I use CurseForge's packager and my proxy

I'm glad I decided to start using these forums again. I tend to never use CurseForge (not for any particular reason), but maybe I should. I mainly put it off because of the tedious process of uploading files to 2 places (and also the necessity of duplicate text content on webpages). Thanks for this!

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