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Nitronoddy 05-05-18 08:51 AM

What did i break?
Hi Guys, Firstly Thank you for THE single best wow addon. I love Carbonite and its my 1st addon i always install (currently installed Carbonite Release 7.3.0 Build 202dd97 thru the curse / twitch mod installer). Anyways on to my problem.

Im an old returning player and after initially installing Carbonite all was fantastic and i was merrily questing away using Carbonites help. The following day i logged into wow and my Carbonite map is not looking as it should. Monsters have weird llloking symbols, Mining Nodes arent looking as they should. So is there anything i change setting wise so i see default Carbonite Icons and not these wierd looking things?

[/url]Carbonite by [url=[email protected]/]Glenn Wellstead[/img]

In the minimap (top left) my pointer is actually looking towards a Deranged Hellboar!.

Many thanks for all help.... Glenn - Nitronoddy

Rythal 05-06-18 12:18 PM

In your twitch client, right click on Carbonite (and any of it's other modules) and change release type to Alpha.

Your other option is to go into Carbonite's options, Maps, then Minimap options and change Minimap Node Glow Delay to 0.

The graphic file used for minimap drawing is out of date which is why your seeing corrupted textures like that.

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