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Yukyuk 10-07-19 06:34 AM

PictureThis Classic
PictureThis makes it easy to create (character) wallpapers.

A while ago I discovered the addon Wallpaper_Kit.
But I missed a way to easily set options.
And so PictureThis was born.

This is the classic version of PictureThis. For the retail version go here: retail.

Credits go to Saxitoxin, the author of Wallpaper_Kit.
Wallpaper_Kit is the basis of PictureThis (he kindly allowed me to use his code).
And Credits go to ZORK, large parts of Wallpaper_Kit are based on his code.

  • Background. Choose from the class color, 12 predefined colors or make your own color.
  • Character text.
  • Aura. Select from 18 aura's .
  • Class icon.
  • Faction icon.
  • Mount. Select your summoned mount or choose from almost 100 other mounts.
  • Character.
  • Pet.

How to use
PictureThis can be used through the use of a minimap button or through a LDB button.
Select the options you want to use (there is a preview window), and once you are satisfied, push the PictureThis button.
Then use the Print Screen button to save your wallpaper.
The wallpaper will be saved in your World of Warcraft / screenshots folder.

To go back to your normal window, go to the TOP RIGHT of the screen and click the exit button that appears.
Or you can use the /pt (or /picturethis) command to go back to the normal window.

A little warning, PictureThis is only tested on my PC with my screen width and resolution. Results may vary. :)

Yukyuk 10-07-19 06:36 AM

1 Attachment(s)
An example showing a Character, Mount, Factions and class Icons. An Aura and text.

Yukyuk 10-07-19 06:38 AM

1 Attachment(s)
An example showing a single Mount.

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