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MinguasBeef 02-18-20 06:14 AM

Detect when blizzard chill effect is applied
I am trying to detect on my player when the chill effect from blizzard is applied to me.

This is the lua i'm using to try to detect when the debuff is applied.


local function CombatLogEventUnfiltered(...)
        timeStamp, event, _, sourceGUID, sourceName, sourceFlags, sourceRaidFlags, destGUID, destName, destFlags, destRaidFlags, spellID, spellName = CombatLogGetCurrentEventInfo()
    if (spellName) then
        if (destName) then
            print("Event [|c0044DD33" .. event .. "|r] Spell [|c0044DD33" .. spellName .. "|r(" .. spellID .. ")] Target [|c0044DD33" .. destName .. "|r]")
            print("Event [|c0044DD33" .. event .. "|r] Spell [|c0044DD33" .. spellName .. "|r(" .. spellID .. ")]")

This is the results i'm getting.

I'm assuming the applied "blizzard" aura is an invisible aura as the effect i'm actually looking for is called Chilled. I believe this might be the effect?

Any ideas how I can detect exactly when this debuff is applied? I know I could iterate through my debuffs, but i'm wanting to find an event based way to detect when it is applied rather than checking constantly for it and comparing vs the remaining duration.

d87 02-18-20 12:13 PM

As you see, Chilled doesn't appear in combat log. You can work with PERIODIC DAMAGE but you don't know if the mage actually has the talent then
Anyway, you really should just check debuffs if that's an option

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