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MinguasBeef 03-08-20 12:40 PM

Unit Attack Speed and nameplates
Edit: I found a rigged up solution. What i'm doing for my solution is storing the attacker's attack speed in a table if I can find their nameplate based on the unit name and then referencing that table when attackers swing whose nameplates are not visible.

I'm trying to make an addon to visualize approximate time of incoming hits.

I have something kind of working, but the problem I just realized is that only a certain # of nameplates are being displayed. I'm using the nameplate unit id's to get the units attack speeds after they hit me.

Is there any way this can be done or is what i'm trying to do just not possible with this many enemies? Is there any way I can get a unit's attack speed when they hit me without using the nameplate unit id?

For example:

You can see most of the enemies do not have nameplates, so i'm not able to track when their next swing will be for my visualization.

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