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Geneticus 10-18-10 01:48 AM

Quest routing off
I know you are trying to get it functioning again and before long you will have cata proper to deal with, but I did want to mention that most of the NR cooking quests and the Argent tournament dailies are off. not linearly, but missing in some obvious spawn areas (Cultists behind the crusade tent), and showing spawns in no, or low spawn areas(Cultists near Chillmaw, Converted Heroes where fallen Hero spirits are). I don't think any of the pickup areas for the dal cooking quests is accurate(carrots, mustard, shrooms).

carboniteaddon 10-19-10 11:56 AM

I'll email this to Haavok. He needs to delete some old data from when they changed some of those quests.

I'm moving this thread to the database forum...

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