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Skimo 09-23-19 09:13 PM

New to addons in general, looking for a few tips or guidance.

recently I've been really into customizing classic, and have decided to take the dive into programming with basic addon creation, in hopes to eventually make a larger encompassing addon or pack. Currently, I've set myself the goal to create an addon that controls the camera with 4 directional keybinds, (up, down, rotate left, rotate right) to allow for free camera rotation with the arrows keys. Seemed simple enough at first, but now I'm stumped. I have an old addon from Warlords Era that did exactly this, but some parts of it seem to have broken. I realize I'm not being very specific, but I'm nearly clueless about addon creation and I'd rather create a somewhat succinct post. Any help would be greatly appreciated, or if anybody wants to walk me through this out of the goodness of their hearts/passion for addon development I'd be thrilled! (Fingers crossed!)

erispope 09-27-19 05:18 AM

First of all, great choice of add-on goal!

Secondly, extract the wow source files as per the guides.

Thirdly find an add-on with keybinds (preferably one that does not use Ace or other libs for magic) so you can understand what happens.

Fourth, simply copy the functions that control camera movement from Blizzard code to your own, and put it with your newly minted keybinds (with any add-on specific serial numbers filed off).

If the result does not work in combat, try doing the work using secure things. That can be a bit more cumbersome though.

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