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ceylina 07-06-16 10:42 AM

Getting selected tradeskill recipeID?
Edit I may have found my answer!


GetTradeSkillSelectionIndex() has been removed without a direct legion replacement.

C_TradeSkillUI.GetAllRecipeIDs() and C_TradeSkillUI.GetFilteredRecipeIDs() now produce a table of all recipeIDs of a trade skill. GetFilteredRecipeIDs being the obvious choice as it only lists the currently learned/filtered recipes so smaller table.

The issue I am having is how to compare from the table with the selected trade skill recipe.

Now I see the event UPDATE_TRADESKILL_RECAST triggers when a different recipe is selected so I suppose something could be made to pull the name of the selected recipe and check against C_TradeSkillUI.GetRecipeInfo() iterating through the GetFilteredRecipeIDs table and pull the GetRecipeInfo table for name and compare the two but here lies my issue...

How does one pull up the name information for the selected recipe in a trade skill window now that that any select function has been stripped? For just about every function you need a recipeID to get information on a selected recipe. Finding that matching ID to the selected recipe is what is hanging me up.

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