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Whisky 04-11-06 05:09 PM

spell/button issue
For what ever reason. Some spells put in the bibmod bars are not casting properly. Divine spirt is one. I cast rank 3 which should add 33 spi to my char. I get some off the wall number like 24 instead. The duff icon also does not display the correct number. This is happening to more and more self spells.

I have tried deleteing all saved variables and that fixes the issue for one login and as soon as you log out it goes right back to the mess. I have tried removeing all other mods and its still the same. Has to be a bibmod issue.

brotherhobbes 04-11-06 05:47 PM

Divine Spirit rank 2 gives 23 Spirit.

Whisky 04-11-06 08:36 PM


Originally Posted by brotherhobbes
Divine Spirit rank 2 gives 23 Spirit.

Yes but it does not give 24. Nor does rank 3 give 33 if used via bibmod.

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