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strikerboy414 07-25-16 03:22 PM

Two Issues
1) Status Bar element using color variable: Color Hostility & Class does not output class colors. Rather, it only shows Friendly color. Is this intended?

I realize Sh: Texture Map/Frac element can be used in lieu of status bar... but Status Bar seems much simpler to set up.

2) when using Raid window in Battlegrounds, always one unit (usually the last player to join) appears completely transparent in my Grid-style raidframes. Though the unit is still clickable, their grid box appears completely empty.

Tested with Sitrax UI raid window and problem persists.

Reload UI fixes. But not ideal.

Sigg is there any way to add you for faster contact? Skype, Steam, in-game?

sigg 07-28-16 02:31 PM

I just move to a new house
I am waiting for the internet connection and then I will see

See you soon

sigg 08-04-16 11:04 AM

New version for patch 7.0 pre patch legion is available

I haven't go through each class to test it yet.


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