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shakytremors 10-25-13 09:47 PM

DK rune timer running in negatives
I have been having an issue with my death knight rune timers running into the negative for time. Its kinda weird that instead of the timers quitting at zero...when I get this I get the message saying I have no runes yet i have ample death runes "supposedly" available. Figured I'd put this out there.

spiel2001 11-02-13 07:02 AM

I'm not sure what this may be. How long has this been going on for you? I presume this is the nUI runes near the HUD?

Daveo77 11-02-13 10:07 AM

I've noticed this too and it's been happening for some time now (may have been since MoP launched, not sure), and yes it's the runes near the HUD.

spiel2001 11-02-13 08:42 PM

Okay. I'll be working on nUI all day tomorrow. I'll see if I can get this fixed while I tend to the other issues with the 5.4.1 patch. I'll have an update out sometime tomorrow.

shakytremors 11-03-13 11:55 PM

Sorry I didnt reply earlier, havent been on much. As Dave said earlier, yes its by the hud. thanks for looking into this.

shakytremors 11-07-13 03:12 PM

Hey spiel, I just found out last night that some of the DK rune count down problem might be a game wide bug not necessarily something do to with nUI in of itself. :banana: I found out when in general chat on timeless isle last night that Evermaw has a bug with him that seems to exasperate the problem. There had been a few DKs complaining about it and asking so I just wanted to update you on that and make you aware of what i found out in case your needing to talk to your connections in blizz. :D - Shaky

Xrystal 11-07-13 04:27 PM

I can confirm that. I have been seeing a few blizz only UI problems that are clearly not linked to addons. Such as the mainmenu buttons disappearing on login and probably after a pet battle fight as we thought was nUI related. The DK rune timer problem I noticed yesterday when I was fighting on the island.

spiel2001 11-07-13 07:37 PM

I like it when it isn't my fault.

I'm not accustomed to that feeling


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