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Rallion 07-06-05 12:50 PM

SVEdit is a tool for editing your SavedVariables files. It's useful for anybody who wants to edit those files by hand or anybody who simply wants to see what's in there.

Any feedback is more than welcome.

Oddible 08-25-05 08:45 PM

Oh yeah!!
Wow, this great. Would it be possible to share the class that provides the API to the SavedVariables.lua? I would like to make a simple app to output the contents of a character's Bank and Bags to a text file (or just text display) for my guildies to post their Guild Bank to the forums.

Oddible 09-07-05 12:26 AM

Ok Ok
Where are ya Rallion?!? You made one of the most convenient tools ever then disappeared!

I'd love to be able to use this for more than just editing. There currently is no tool that will spit out a simple list of bag and bank contents. If anyone knows of one, lemme know. This tool looks like it could do it easily. If this is written in .NET, and the stuff is already in a tree view with a dataset. You should be able to spit out any level of the tree as XML in an almost one liner. Any possibility of that happening? Or, as in my previous post, allowing me to use your parser class so I could add this functionality?

Antikleia 02-13-06 06:02 PM

Hi Rallion, great mod, I really like it.

You allready have an option to save some parts of a dataset.
I tried that out, but the order in wich the data ae stored looked quite arbitrary.
Of course, .lua-Files do not seem to contain the data sorted in any way. The data are only structured. If they would be sorted it would be much easier to find differences between two files and merge them.
Maybe some words of exlanation: My problem was, that the datastructure of an addon changed and importing old data into the new file ended up with some data on different levels in the hierarchie. Having two files in a well defined order would make comparing merging a bit easier.
Maybe it would be a nice feature to add some way of saving a file in a sorted way, maybe alphanumerically?

Anyway, continue your nice work...

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