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Salarsin 07-16-20 09:21 AM

Raid Mark image resources

im am new to WoW (Classic) AddOn development. What i want to achieve with my first project is a simple target marking helper (skull, cross, ... marks) with a simple UI that has one button per mark with the icon on it.

I was wondering how to use InGame resources, but couldn't find a list of builtin resources. Then i found the Item icon IDs on wowhead which work great for icons of items and so on. But i cant find resource information about the target marking icons. Does anyone know these IDs or is there a complete resource list somewhere on the internet?

Would be nice if anyone can help :)

SDPhantom 07-16-20 10:16 AM

ChatFrames use icons from the ICON_LIST table while the TargetFrame uses SetRaidTargetIconTexture() on a texture that has "Interface\TargetingFrame\UI-RaidTargetingIcons" loaded.

Salarsin 07-17-20 11:56 PM

Thanks! :):)

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