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LudiusMaximus 05-25-20 04:13 AM

Reset after using FlipCameraYaw()
I have used FlipCameraYaw several times (even with arguments having decimal places). Is there any way I can ever get the original centered view back (without reloading the UI!) or do I have to try until I think if feels right...?

Xrystal 05-25-20 05:29 AM

Assuming this is in an addon you are writing you might want to look at this which lists other functions .. which may or may not be still usable.

Particularly the ones that allow you to save and set views from stored ones.

I would assume that when the game first loads up that is the default view .. so theoretically if you save that as say view(1) you can then use the other camera tools to change the view and then reset it on command using the set view (1) command.

LudiusMaximus 05-25-20 05:32 AM

Thanks for you reply, but it seems the angle change achieved with FlipCameraYaw() is not affected by SaveView()/SetView().

LudiusMaximus 05-25-20 05:35 AM

I guess, if I am doing this in my addon, I can keep track of how much I have changed the angle, so I will be able to get it back to 0. Initially I thought the angle is not reset after reloading the UI, but as this is the case, I think it is manageable.

Xrystal 05-25-20 06:21 AM

Just realised I never linked in the page I had seen the list on ..

So for future reference this is it:

And for completeness wowpedia's camera function list

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