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LBXZero 12-19-10 07:29 AM

Unit or Buff Frame that allows cancelling buffs
I am seeking a UnitFrames mod or Buff Frame mod that has the code for cancelling buffs on my character. It seems most of the mods that involve the Buff Frames exclude the "click to cancel buff" ability. It is very useful when someone uses a 1 hour costume buff that can only be cancelled by clicking the buff, and that costume prevents casting and mount.

Haleth 12-19-10 07:36 AM

Try rBuffFrameStyler.

Blanckaert 12-19-10 09:33 AM

since Blizz moved the 'cancel buffs' to a secure call function, a lot of addons dont work to click them, until the authors re-write a lot of code.... there are some that work now... but other still working on it (I believe).. you can also manual cancel any buffs (but this would be a little difficult while in combat) by typing ......

/cancelaura (BUFF NAME)

For Example.... the hallowe'en events stuff ??

/cancelaura Jack-o'-Lanterned!
/cancelaura Ghost Costume
/cancelaura Bat Costume
/cancelaura Leper Gnome Costume
/cancelaura Wisp Costume
/cancelaura Pirate Costume
/cancelaura Ninja Costume

that was a Macro I created to 'cancel' any of them that were tossed on me. The Cancelaura will only work if you type in the EXACT name of the buff.

Hope this helped.....

LBXZero 12-19-10 04:04 PM

Thanks Blanckaert. The most annoying buffs are those costume buffs. I was tanking in HoS when someone put the bat costume on me. From that point on, it got very annoying to have a buff that can only be cancelled by directly cancelling it.

Taryble 12-19-10 04:13 PM

SBF 3.2 Beta is a full buff/debuff frame addon that does allow right-click removal of the player's buffs.

Seerah 12-19-10 04:50 PM

If all you want is to move/skin the buffs, then any of the simpler buff addons can still provide this without any code change (the new SBF only has these features). But if you want filtering and/or reorganization of the buffs themselves, then this is why you are running into a wall.

Taryble 12-20-10 12:41 AM

True. The SBF 3.2 beta only allows changing the layout - filtering and sorting are disabled for the player buff frame (if you choose the "Interactive" box that allows right-click buff removal).

For other buff groups (player debuffs, buffs/debuffs on other unitids), it still allows the full suite of sorting and filtering. You can also make extra buff groups for player and set them to "Monitor" mode, which allows filtering and sorting as well.

Falcula 12-24-10 01:04 AM

I'm dying for an AddOn like this as well. I used to use SBF, and it was perfect, since all I want to do is be able to move my buff and debuff icons to another area of the screen (and be able to right-click them off, of course), but since right-click hasn't worked correctly, I've been stuck with the default Blizzard buff system. I tried SBF 3.2, but enabling the ability to right-click off buffs made the icons disappear, and then I found out the project has recently been abandoned :(

Is there any other AddOn like it? Don't need a ton of bells and whistles. Just need to be able to see and move the icons, and right-click off buffs.

EDIT: I should point out that I'm attempting to use the rBuffFrameStyler AddOn mentioned above, but since the buffs anchor is apparently off the top-right corner of the screen, making it unmovable, I don't know if this is what I'm looking for or not. I've also read that the buffs and debuffs are on the same frame, which means they can't be separated.

Seerah 12-24-10 01:19 AM

As mentioned above, any of the simpler buff addons will work for you.

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