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ohamandalynn 10-22-12 09:37 PM

Action bar help?
I'm brand new to WoW. I recently leveled up to 12. As soon as I did, I gained three new abilities. Then my action bar immediately changed to a smaller, completely different looking bar, only consisting of those three abilities. But I can't add any other abilities to it. I want to go back to the old action bar, but I can't change it, nor can I even add other action bars.

Here's what the bar looks like: Photo

Can anyone help me figure out how to go back to the old one?
I've scoured so many forums and youtube videos and I have yet to see anything like this. Maybe I'm just being a total noob here and it's an easy fix, but I've tried everything I possibly can. Some help would be greatly appreciated! (:

Seerah 10-22-12 09:44 PM

Welcome to WowInterface, ohamandalynn. :)

That action bar would show up if you were on a certain quest. Those are the abilities to use for that quest. Your normal action bar should show back up when you finish it. :) There are several quests/vehicles that will change your action bar, and there are various styles of art to go around them.

I hope that this helps!

ohamandalynn 10-22-12 09:59 PM

Ah! Thank you so much! That worked perfectly! I feel sort of stupid now, but now I know if that ever happens again. (:

Seerah 10-22-12 10:23 PM

No worries! :)

jtrag 12-11-12 12:10 PM

The same thing happened to me. I almost lost it when I couldn't figure out why my action bar was messed up. When I finally finished the quest I was on it went back to normal and I felt like such an idiot. LOL

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