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Xystus 11-09-12 09:15 PM

Looking to Recruit a Friend and get back into WoW
Hello! I'm interested in recruiting somebody on a US Realm. Most of my chars are on Thorium Brotherhood (US), so most of my resources are there too. I am NOT planning on providing expansion upgrades or game time, mainly just wanting to level more toons a bit quicker. My main RAF reason is simply to find somebody to level with and work on all facets of the game (grinding rep, achievements, recipies, rare drops, etc.) While I don't plan on providing a Battle Chest or Time Card, some arrangements could possibly be made.

I can be on any time pretty much. I'm Eastern Timezone, doesn't matter much though. I can grind for 48 hours+ at a time, or as long as the recruit can go. I have room to negotiate terms for in game items if needed. Can level as many toons up as you'd like. I have lots of professions and all types of toons, so I can provide access to or create many things that might be needed as we progress. In several Level 25 Guilds, would prefer to go Horde, but it would not bother me to run Alliance either.

Please don't hesitate to email me at morphicmetal[at]gmail[dot]com if you might be interested or if you have questions or want to work something out! Thank you!

jtrag 12-11-12 12:07 PM

Check Your Email...
Check your email...

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