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Resike 08-05-14 03:57 AM

Solidice - another site hosting addons without permission
Would like to draw you attention to another site:

http://s o l i d i c e. c o m/downloads/world-of-warcraft?page=1

Lombra 08-05-14 04:25 AM

oQueue, eh.. figures.

Resike 08-05-14 04:28 AM


Originally Posted by Lombra (Post 294767)
oQueue, eh.. figures.

Yep, already formating my DMCA.

Coote 08-05-14 09:37 AM

You gotta be s****ing me. I would have figured Tiny would have known better than to host AddOns without permission.

Resa1983 08-05-14 02:56 PM

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I do believe the email to send to their host is
[email protected]

Updated the base DMCA notice if it's any help.

Cairenn 08-05-14 03:49 PM

If you want to try talking to them directly, a 'conversation' has been started in this thread http://s o l i d i c e . c o m/forums/544/topic/site-upgrade. Down toward the bottom of page one and then continuing on from there.

IMOO, they are deliberately being more than just a little obtuse.

CobraA1 08-05-14 04:00 PM

Ress'ed a new thread, humm. Old problem, new site.

/me grabs popcorn

Edit: I see the thread got split.

Coote 08-05-14 04:19 PM

So apparently, going by Tiny's logic, it's alright is somebody uploads his addons elsewhere.


wow addons are to be freely accessible as per the addon policy.

also, we make no modifications to the addons, just passing them along so the users are not forced to go to one site or into one tool (c.client)

why do you want one site to redistribute your free addon?

Somebody who isn't lazy should probably go out and do that out of spite, and watch how he reacts.


Seems they have enough sense to at least do something.


If you take notice, any addons indicating "All Rights Reserved", are not listed. We apologize for any inconvenience and mis understandings, our intentions were not meant to be malicious, or to insult the desires or rights of the authors.

We hope that we as a community, including Authors and Solidice, can move forward in a positive direction.

Fizzlemizz 08-05-14 04:36 PM

My personal favourite was


i'm not ignoring copyright. the works are intact and passed along as intended. restricting redistribution would be the issue here.
Ignoring the fact that once the addons on his site are out-of-date they are definately not being passed on as intended, go tiny :eek:.

Ketho 08-05-14 04:37 PM

  • from asking for donations ingame
  • just being a douchebag in general
  • adding questionable "features" to oQueue
  • unsolicited installation of Icebox
  • to now infringing copyright

... what's next?

CobraA1 08-05-14 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by Ketho (Post 294810)
  • unsolicited installation of Icebox

If I'm reading that link correctly, that was never proven with any sort of evidence.

Phanx 08-05-14 07:20 PM

F***ing worthless leeches. All of my addons they're illegally redistributing include clearly worded LICENSE files that clearly state they cannot be redistributed without permission, and there are no shortage of free resources on the Internet that could clear up these morons' willful ignorance about copyright if they actually cared to do the right thing instead of being d***wads and p***ing on the addon author community. I sincerely hope these a******s all get pancreatic cancer and die.

(Placing my bet on 4 words in this post being replaced by asterisks. Edit: None? Really? Guess the word filter isn't working...)

Cairenn 08-05-14 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by Phanx (Post 294815)
(Placing my bet on 4 words in this post being replaced by asterisks. Edit: None? Really? Guess the word filter isn't working...)

*blink* *blink* *boggle*

I was surprised to see them not blocked out too. Will have to poke dolby to see what might have turned off the word filter.

Also, don't wish cancer on them. Wish something short term, with no long term ramifications. ie something that would really hurt a lot, but not injure. ;)

Syxx 08-05-14 07:50 PM

Colitis might be good. :D

Phanx 08-05-14 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by Cairenn (Post 294816)
Last edited by Cairenn : Today at 06:42 PM. Reason: You know I have to. ~ Cairenn

I thought that might happen. >_>


Originally Posted by Cairenn (Post 294816)
Wish something short term, with no long term ramifications. ie something that would really hurt a lot, but not injure. ;)

But if there's no long-term ramifications, then how will they learn anything? While I haven't personally met any of the people operating these leech sites, I can only imagine they're the same type of people who think the rules don't apply to them in real life either, and always have some elaborate excuse for why what they're doing is okay, and will just keep taking advantage of you/the system/whatever as long as they're alive and free to do so.

They didn't reply to my post on their forum thread, but they did remove the two addons of mine they were hosting. At least that was far less painful than dealing with TenTonHammer and their endless weaselling and begging me to "work with them". :rolleyes:

ronburgundyy 08-05-14 09:19 PM

We can assure you that we are moving forward with the utmost desire to abide by the requirements of any and all licenses applied to any addon. Any possible oversight or inability to do so previously is regrettable and was surely not performed with malicious intent. We aim to only host / distribute those addons which are licensed as allowing such. Our deepest apologies for any offence, we wish to support and grow with this community, not spite it. Moving forward will surely be difficult as the stone has been thrown.

Contrast to TenTonHammer, we wish to work with you, not you work with us, and maybe we did not start off on the right foot.

I hope this can be taken sincerely.

Fizzlemizz 08-05-14 09:41 PM

When you let someone like tiny weasly around the way he did you make it so very much harder on yourself.

Time will tell.


Originally Posted by ronburgundyy (Post 294821)
Contrast to TenTonHammer, we wish to work with you, not you work with us, and maybe we did not start off on the right foot.

I hope this can be taken sincerely.

Seerah 08-05-14 10:34 PM


I'm very concerned that, of ALL the information you scraped off of Curse for the addons you are hosting, you removed the author name for every file except for the ones belonging to tiny.

Also, let me remind you of another reason (besides copyright) why authors hate finding versions of their work elsewhere:
We don't know it's there. If something is broken, we don't know it. If a user asks a question, we don't know it. If a complaint does come around our way about some bug or something not working, we spend time figuring out how that could be - they say they're using the latest version, but we already fixed that! (But we didn't upload the fix to your site, because we don't know about it.)

Lastly, yes. tiny sounding like a Comcast rep left a very bad taste in my mouth (and I'm sure I'm not the only one). Only hearing what he wants to hear, belligerently asking the same questions over and over... This is what I was reminded of while reading his comments. And this is only compounded by the fact that his is the only work that is attributed to an author on your site, AND that his work is marked All Rights Reserved (would he mind others uploading it elsewhere without his knowledge?).

/edit: As mentioned, you might just have tons of authors flocking to your site if you do it the right way. But there is no shortcut to success.

ronburgundyy 08-05-14 10:42 PM

As per the removal of the Author name, that was a poor design decision, and was not meant in any way to suggest that Solidice authored or laid claim to any addon in which the author name was omitted. One of several unfortunate mistakes during this endeavor.

We 100% intend, and have intended for persons to have the ability to claim their addons in the near future.

You also raise a very good point concerning the lack of notification to addon authors, which could certainly rise to confusion from users, and an increase in technical and support issues as there could be differences in available versions from different sources. We hope that once authors are able to claim their addons this concern will have been addressed, and in the mean time are ready and willing to work with the community to reduce and prevent further confusion, complications, or annoyances.

As it is not my place to comment on the actions of any other person, I can assure you that I am dedicated to ensuring a positive progression for the relationship of Solidice and the addon community and its authors.

Seerah 08-05-14 10:45 PM

Yes, but authors shouldn't have to "claim" their addons. At the very least, you should contact them at Curse and tell them that you have re-hosted the addon elsewhere. Otherwise, how would they know to go claim it? :confused:

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