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Oniya 06-18-15 07:29 AM

GuildBank sorter
Anyone know script for guild bank sorting?
like sort by type, than by item level, in current GuildBank Tab?

Thanks for help :)

Seerah 06-18-15 12:13 PM

There is no script for that because the default UI does not support it. You would need to find an addon that already does this or write your own.

Kygo 06-18-15 12:24 PM

I have used BankStack to sort my alts guild banks. It sorts by item type atleast.

Petrah 06-20-15 12:58 PM

I've also used BankStack. It's good, but not great.

tartarusspawn 06-24-15 02:18 PM

if you use tradeskillmaster - check out TradeSkillMaster_GuildSorter

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