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LupinRaedwulf 06-14-16 06:01 PM

[Help] Weakauras

I want to make an "ESCMenu" that looks like this. All the Weakaura icons are selections to go to their respective area. The only problem that I have is, I can only make them a clickable aura. I cannot figure out how to make them click a button on my bars that represents a macro to open up the respective tab.

The only person I have seen do this is KaitUI, as much as I really like that idea, it isn't in the setup that I am looking for. Also, she uses kgPanels (Pretty sure, looked at some of the WA coding) to do this. I am horrible with kgPanels and cannot figure it out for the life of me. I am hoping there is a way for me to do what I am looking for with just weakauras.

The other option I tried was having Bartender try to hide when the GameMenuFrame was inactive, show when it was. Couldn't figure that out either.

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