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UberAce 11-18-19 01:13 AM

[WoW Classic] - Modify Honor Tab fields
As a start to a quick and dirty project I want o take on, what is the PROPER way to either modify existing text fields on the Honor Tab(any tab would be similar I guess) or even move text fields around to organize them differently or make space to add more.

Based on the API call SetUIPanelAttribute(frame, name, value), would I...
Just an example...
SetUIPanelAttribute(HonorFrame, HonorFrameCurrentHKValue, 600)

Or can I reference the field directly from anywhere in LUA code?


Also...can someone provide a brief code sample if I wanted to move the location of a field. Say move HonorFrameCurrentHKValue field down 10 pixels?

Appreciate any help!

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