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Niketa 05-23-20 09:09 AM

Question about automatic packaging
So this is probably more related to Curseforge but I don't think forums there are as active and I know lots of devs use this process anyway.

So I am using travis-ci and BigWigsMod packager to automatically package my add-on to Curseforge and WoW Interface. On Curseforge, it sets my main file as my classic file, but I'd like for it to be my retail version as I develop primarily in retail and classic is more of a side though.

Does anyone know if there's any way to control this? Like a setting somewhere? Or is it just the most recent file uploaded? And in that case should I just make it package the classic version first in my .travis.yml?

Also, I have my . pkmeta set to use a manual changelog and the retail version uses it, but the classic version doesn't. What am I doing wrong there? Again, classic is packaged second.

Thanks for your time!

Xrystal 05-23-20 09:33 AM

As far as I know on Curse, when you upload a single file you choose which versions of the game it works with. Similar to on here.

So, maybe the packager program doesn't have the changes to make that choice, or do not have the information needed from you to make that choice.

Unfortunately I manually upload my files so cannot help beyond that. Hopefully someone who does use the tool and both sites can offer more specific assistance.

Niketa 05-23-20 11:17 AM

Well both files are marked appropriately for classic vs retail. It's more of a nitpicking thing for me. When I click on files I want the main file to be the one marked retail. Especially if the classic changelog isn't right then it would help for the one with the correct changelog to show up.

Ketho 05-23-20 12:47 PM

afaik the most recent file uploaded, so package classic first

Xrystal 05-23-20 12:53 PM


Originally Posted by Ketho (Post 336007)
afaik the most recent file uploaded, so package classic first

Yes, I think this is what it is .. if I am understanding the issue more clearly now rofl.

I haven't updated Classic nUI in ages but I have updated Retail nUI since .. And have some patches on nUI in Alpha status. The last Retail ( or non alpha ) file uploaded is the main one, at least for me.

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