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viglundr 02-27-07 10:45 PM

Looking for a Mod that adds party buttons
I currently use Xperl and clickto cast as addons for my priest. What i'm looking for is a mod that will let me add a couple of buttons beside the party unit frame just for magic dispell etc. Anything out there like that now? Been looking for awile and no luck yet. Found eXtreme_Unit_Buttons however it just does'nt seem to want to work with xperl. Discord group buttons used to work fine for this function back in the day.

thanks for any help

ReverendD 02-27-07 11:23 PM

If you dont mind changing unit frames, try ag_UnitFrames. I find them to be much better than Xperl (just my opinion) and I think extreme works with it fine. Being a priest myself, I have found any click cast lacking, and prefer to handle things the old fashioned way. 8-)

Farook 02-27-07 11:35 PM

@ viglundr

Is it that what you are looking for:

Duugu's SWPHeal

flaska 02-27-07 11:36 PM

I think Clique is extremely useful and easy setup. Check it out!

viglundr 02-27-07 11:41 PM

Duugu's SWPHeal looks very close to what i was thinking.

Thanks for the replys, helps a ton. Just may try out AG unitframes as well ReverendD :)

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