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antiquada 05-07-13 11:03 AM

Quest Watch doesn't show quests outside of halfhill
Installed the latest 5.2.1 alpha 10 rev 1 english version
I have quests from all diff areas of pandaria and the quest watch seems to work ok around Halfhill. When I leave the zone halfhill is in and go into diff zones I get the quest watch icons but no quests underneath the icons.
I do have show out of zone quests option selected. When I go back to the Halfhill zone all my quests come back. But sometimes they don't sort by location as I fly around in the halfhill zone and sometimes they do.

antiquada 05-08-13 03:29 PM

I was in isle of thunder and still no quests in quest watch so I abandoned about 15 quests and did and ALT L and checked track each left over quest and a minute or two later Carbonite quest tracker showed all my leftover quests.

JimJoBlue 05-08-13 03:53 PM

Did you have more than 20 quests in your tracker before you cleaned up the quests?

I'm starting to notice a pattern here...

antiquada 05-09-13 10:55 AM

When I started abandoning quests they were in a diff pandarian zones, and yes I would say my quest log was almost full. This was happening only on one toon. My Main's Quest Watch seemed to work fine.

Catitude 05-15-13 02:30 AM

5.2.1 alpha 10 rev 1 Quest Objectives
I'm getting this on all of my toons in Pandaria with as few as 10 quests in my quest log. Sometimes they'll pop up after 15 or 20 min or several reloads or even a zone change or two.
Also tracked achievements are not updating consistently or not disappearing after the achievement has been attained.
I'm attempting to fix it without having to lose 100's of map notes so I've been reluctant to scrub it entirely lol

Rythal 05-15-13 07:05 AM

if your on the beta, notes should be able to be backed up by saving the carbonite.notes.lua file in your account savedvariables.

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