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kenpatt 12-22-15 12:31 PM

CVar to change LOD switching distance?
Since the introduction of new WoD character models, Blizzard has enabled different LOD (Level-of-Detail) models that switch to low LOD when the camera moves farther away.

When playing on my old hardware, I really appreciated this as it saved a lot of resources and was barely noticeable. But I just switched to a new computer and a 1440p monitor, and now I can't stop noticing my tauren model switching whenever I zoom out:

High LOD, zoomed in:
Low LOD, zoomed out:

Is there any CVar or setting to increase the distance of LOD switching in game, or disable it entirely?

SDPhantom 12-22-15 03:56 PM

These are the only CVars I can find in the config files that relate to LoD distances. There are also raid override variants by prefixing them with "RAID".

SET terrainLodDist "650"
SET wmoLodDist "550"

Terrain is self-explanatory and WMO are environment models.

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