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averagechase 09-15-12 11:03 AM

Need some help
So first off, I need to know if there are any addons to move the default blizz debuff and buff frames. Im using sexymap and i put my map somewhere else, so right now my buffs just show in the middle of the screen which just doesn't look right. I tried using move anything but i couldn't find out how to move them through that, any help would be great!

Phanx 09-16-12 12:41 AM

MoveAnything is the top result when searching for "move". I haven't used in in many years, but it should be able to move the buff and debuff frames and, well, anything. :)

There are also addons that modify the Blizzard buff frame, like ShinyBuffs or rBuffFrameStyler, that will let you move them in addition to making aesthetic changes.

Finally, there are lots of general buff frame replacements, like PhanxBuffs (icons), Raven (bars or icons), and Elkano's Buff Bars (bars).

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