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cscscott 12-22-06 10:37 PM

Compare Stats / General UI Mods (PLEASE SOMEONE FIX)
I was wondering if there is someone out there that would see if they could repair Compare Stats / Bonus Scanner mod under the General UI Mods section. I loved that mod, it was VERY handy.

It allowed you to cursor over a new piece of gear and it would show you what stats it increased/decreased, hp/mana increases, DPS in all forms i.e. Melee/Range, Bear/Cat/Human.

I have bought a couple of new items thinking I had a great new upgrade, only to equip it and be VERY disappointed.

Please Obi Won, your my only hope,

Scott :)

cscscott 01-10-07 10:08 PM

Just thought I'de ask again if anyone can fix this add on, it really is a very handy add on for buying and selecting the best gear before you equip it and can't trade it.

mershu 02-24-07 11:24 AM

Someone needs to pick up the ball on this one.

Wintersfury 02-24-07 11:33 AM

Comparing Item Stats
I prefer EquipCompare, because it shows you side-by-side an items stats and the stats of what you have currently equiped in that slot.

mershu 02-24-07 11:38 AM

Yeah, but looking for something that goes a step further. Needs to compare stats on items and let you know which one is truely the better piece overall.

Saiiyna 02-24-07 12:00 PM

I think BonusScanner has been updated at

But beware. That site tends to have ads that download keyloggers. approach only with firefox with addblock turned on

Syzgyn 02-24-07 01:06 PM

I've got a mod in the works that does exactly this.
Here's a screenshot of an early version:

cscscott 02-24-07 06:18 PM

From what I have seen and read, BonnusScanner will not work as a stand alone, you have to have some sort of engine to have it give you the information, Compare Stats WAS that engine.

The nice thing about Compare Stats, is that it will show you what skills will increase, and by what amount, as well as what skills will decrease, and by what amount.

That will help decide if an item will raise your int/mana by enough points to warrent buying an item with only a point or two more in that area, or would be best to get the one that is straight mana for instance.

It also is very helpful in showing increase/decrease in DPS for all druid forms from items.

I still hope someone will fix it or at least make a new one that is comparable.

Syzgyn if yours will do all that then I will be eternally greatful, I have been trying to get this mod fixed since before BC came out when the patch hit that destroyed so many add-ons.

Thanks in Advance,


Farook 02-24-07 10:26 PM


Originally Posted by Syzgyn
I've got a mod in the works that does exactly this.
Here's a screenshot of an early version:

Really looking forward to a release of this. ^^

Syzgyn 02-27-07 06:02 PM

It's up

Farook 02-27-07 11:31 PM

Cann't wait to test this. :)

ra1d3n 02-28-07 12:59 AM

It is nice indeed.

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