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FaulTier 10-15-14 11:36 AM

[kgPanels] Can't add Backgrounds/Borders!
Hey mates!

As of 6.0.2 I cant add textures to my layout - existing backgrounds and borders which worked fine prior are now in greenscreen mode.

Textures a still in a conform size, e.g. 32x32 and .tga files. (Also tried .blp but if I remember right kgPanels never supported .blp files as imported artwort)

anyone else having this problem or even a solution?
Throws no errors!


MalachiDraven 10-15-14 02:44 PM

Looks like the Artwork Paths changed. Instead of "\\Interface\\AddOns\\textures\\example.tga" it's now "Interface/AddOns/textures/example.tga". Switched to forward slashes, no more double slashes, and no slashes at the beginning anymore.

Phanx 10-15-14 05:29 PM

There should never have been a slash of any kind at the beginning of that path...

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