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Asalas77 06-30-17 09:33 AM

Send spell link with changed name using SendChatMessage
Hey I'm trying to send a spell link with modified name to chat. I managed to obtain the link using


/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("\124cffFCFB13\124Hspell:66066\124h[Nurisz]\124h\124r");
but when I paste the same thing into SendChatMessage it doesnt work.


/run SendChatMessage("\124cffFCFB13\124Hspell:66066\124h[Nurisz]\124h\124r","say");
Is there any way I can make it work? Or use the first one to get the link in chat and then copy it from that message?

Kakjens 06-30-17 05:18 PM

Maybe having zeroes in itemlink causes not to send it. Try with some other spell, for example, 65857 [Entangled Boots].

Asalas77 06-30-17 05:22 PM

No, that's not it. Still nothing is sent.

sylvanaar 06-30-17 07:18 PM

The game client often block forged links like you are trying to send.

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