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strickland 06-17-19 10:33 AM

Consumables addon, "Usables"
Often times you have items that are clickable, usable, that gives you either a buff, or a aura, or even a way to search for items on specific lands.

These items also sometimes have in their name "Only usable in xxx land" or "Only usable in battlegrounds"

So, I'm thinking it would be easier, also a good reminder to use these items whenever you go to these "lands" or "places" either specific area or bg or arena if we have the following:

An addon that shows a basic/simple bar, where certain item appear only IF IT USABLE IN your current place.

e.g. for example, if I'm in a battleground, the items that I can use only in battlegroup will show up in this bar.

then if I go to suramar and I got an item that is only usable there, this item will show up, and the bg items will hide.

Sorry for the long post, but this will be a good addon I think.

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