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shadow_wolf_30 05-23-13 08:39 AM

minimap round instead of square
i just came back to wow from a 4 month break and i could of swore that the minimap use to be square. it may just be my imagination but i thought i would just pop on and find out if its me or something goin on with newest patch and addon update.

Seer 05-23-13 10:07 AM

You can try /nui roundmap


crazzzzi 05-23-13 10:31 AM

i had the same issue and entering /nui roundmap fixed it. guess these couple of mini-patches over the past couple of days reset it. leave it to Blizz to reinvent the wheel evertime a patch rolls out :D

shadow_wolf_30 05-23-13 08:33 PM

cool thanks that worked got my square map back, i must have goofed up typing /nui roundmap earlier cuz i got the command doesnt exsist error

Coasty 05-24-13 04:48 PM

Issuing '/nui roundmap' twice does reset the map back to being square, BUT, logging out or exiting the game resets the map back to being round. So you have to manually reset the map back to being square every time you switch to another character or re-log back into WoW. At least that's what's happening for me.

Obviously Blizzard changed something, as for some reason the state of the mini-map is not being saved between game sessions and always defaulting to the round mini-map.

I guess one of our resident nUI programming gurus needs to make a patch to make sure the state of the mini-map is saved in the nUI WTF files. :)


Well, a little more investigating showed that the problem I'm seeing is a combination of Blizzards release of 5.3 and an interaction between nUI Plus v5.07.32 and Carbonite 5.3.0-Alpha 1. I turn off Carbonite and nUI displays its default square mini-map, turn off nUI and I get the round Carbonite mini-map. At this point I don't know which of the two addons is the one trampling over the other, as this wasn't a problem before WoW patch 5.3 and the two addons co-existed with each other just fine. As addon problems go though, this is definitely a minor one.

Xrystal 05-25-13 05:45 AM

Can't see anything in Blizzards Minimap xml or lua files changed since 5.2.0 that would explain the size of the map. I've not used carbonite myself in ages but I do know that Rythal has been making some rewrites and changes to it so its possible that this part of it has been changed/added/removed.

Coasty 05-25-13 05:34 PM

Yeah, Rythal just confirmed on the Carbonite support forums that it's a problem resulting from a fix in the latest Carbonite alpha for battleground/combat Carbonite/UI addon logon/interaction problems.

He's working on a fix for the fix. :)

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