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Voxxel 07-03-19 08:29 AM

Macro to check my characters' quest completion across my account?

Is that possible in WoW, to make a macro to list Y or N for all of my lvl120 characters if they've completed a specific daily quest on the current day?

So when I press the macro, I get a list of my lvl 120s with a Y or N at their line ends:

Char1 - Y
Char2 - N
Char3 - N

etc, etc.

Is that possible, or what's the most closest solution to check, instead of logging in with every character to check that quest?

LudiusMaximus 07-03-19 08:37 AM

I think there is no way of checking other characters than the one you are currently logged in with. All the addons that do inter-character stuff (e.g. Bagnon, Altoholic, CanIMogIt) store the character infos in local files, so you have to log in with each character at least once for the Addon to store the data.

Voxxel 07-03-19 03:14 PM

Thank you!

Same as addons, is there a way for a macro to read these data from the local files for all characters and print the results?

SDPhantom 07-03-19 04:41 PM

Character data isn't stored on your computer, it's on the game server. The only way to get the data is to query the server for the character you're on. The server doesn't allow you to query data for any other character.

Kanegasi 07-03-19 05:01 PM

You need an addon to query and save data into a file, a macro cannot create this file.

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