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shawneeisleet 03-15-07 10:42 AM

Can someone please help me.
I looked all over the forums and in the threads for a mod that has floating text in it. I found some other crappy mods on other sites, but I really didn't like them all too well.

Do any of you know a good mod that's got good looking floating text that says the damage taken, and given? If you do, please post back asap. I wanted to download it for tonight.

blay 03-15-07 10:53 AM

sct & sctd

Seerah 03-15-07 11:04 AM

Yep. SCT (scrolling combat text) is the standard. SCTD (sct Damage) shows your damage done. They're also available at - make sure you get the options, too. If you want to add spell/ability cooldowns into your SCT, get SCTCooldowns from Curse.

Another floating text mod is called Mik's Scrolling Battle Text. It has some different fonts, different animations, and is more customizable than SCT. It's available the opposite of SCT. MSBT is on Curse and it's cooldown plugin, MSBT Cooldowns, is on wowace.

Cairenn 03-15-07 11:35 AM

They're also both available right here.


Both of them have multiple Plug-Ins available, all of which can be found listed with the main mod.

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