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tazzy68 10-28-16 09:31 PM

locking Action Bars
how do I lock my spells on my action bars with Mayron UI??? I keep moving them off. it's starting to bug me bigtime mainly during a fight or pvp. I know you can lock your spells into the bars with blizz UI. The LOCK i'm looking for is for MAYRON UI NOT BLIZZ UI ACTION BAR... PLEASE HELP IF ANYONE KNOWS Thank You!!!!

SDPhantom 10-29-16 01:54 AM

Check your Interface Options > Actionbars section. In the middle of the window is the lock setting.

tazzy68 10-29-16 02:24 AM

that one is for Blizz UI settings, that won't work with Mayron UI. I have that one on lock and still my spells move. need a fix for it bigtime..

Torhal 10-29-16 03:21 AM

You gave no indication that you weren't using the default WoW UI action bars, though. This is something that you should be asking the developer of Mayron UI and, in my opinion, should be handled by Mayron UI via the default UI's settings.

tazzy68 10-29-16 03:33 AM

yes I agree with you. sorry for the miss undetstanding....

jeffy162 10-29-16 09:47 AM

If you are using MayronUI Gen5, then it's using Bartender4 action bars. Type /bt in chat to get the options and lock the bars there.

tazzy68 10-29-16 10:27 AM

THANK YOU, found where you lock the spells in.. you saved my day!!! thank you again...

jeffy162 10-29-16 12:08 PM

You're welcome.

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