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wolfking 10-13-10 12:27 PM

Buff bar mod
hi all i have been using SatrinasBuff frames for my buff's and debuff's problem is the author has not apdated this in a while and now i am in need of a new mod can anyone point out some decent buff bar mods. Thxs

Opaque 10-13-10 12:39 PM

I'm in the same boat... need a new buffbar mod. :(

Opaque 10-13-10 04:01 PM

Found an excellent replacement... as a matter of fact, I like it more!


Dawn 10-13-10 04:06 PM

Try out AptusAuraFrames...


No bars, though, but icons ... filter options, etc.

Farook 10-13-10 10:23 PM

I'll try that, thanks for the suggestion (though I still hope SBF will be updated).

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