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WeeBaby 06-05-11 03:01 AM

Looking for small addon
A year or so ago I found an addon that was seemed to be be pretty small that did a couple wonderful has since been abandoned and I miss it. So now I am looking for an addon or group of addons that will cover a few bases for me

Auto sell greys
Auto decline duels
Drop cheapest thing when bags are full (I run alot of lower level instances for loot and greens for disenchanting and bags fill quick)
Auto accept rez's and invites from guild

Any help would be appreciated


Rilgamon 06-05-11 04:38 AM

There are a few addons offering a few of this list. My MiscHelper is one of them.

Farook 06-05-11 09:42 PM

I'm using/suggesting wIn1.

def9 06-06-11 11:23 AM

Loot what I want would do what you want for your faming lower/older instances.

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