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Samshad 06-12-18 02:03 PM

Draw an image on a dead NPC/player
Hi, I am trying to put an image with createFrame on the top of the name of a dead character, but I don't figure how to modify the nameplate. Can someone help me ?
Thanks !

jeffy162 06-12-18 04:27 PM

When you say "nameplate", what EXACTLY do you mean? The graphic that floats above the characters (THAT is a nameplate), or your characters' UNIT FRAME (by default, in the upper left corner of the screen)?

It may be the same process, but I do not know. I am sorry for that, but, I figured a clarification was necessary.

Samshad 06-12-18 07:22 PM

Thank you for your answer, I mean the graphic on the top of other character, NPC and player. I want to draw an image that float on the deads.

semlar 06-12-18 07:32 PM

Dead units don't have nameplates, there isn't a frame that's accessible by an addon that you can attach to to draw on top of a corpse in the world.

Samshad 06-12-18 08:04 PM

Oh that's sad. Thank you anyway :)

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