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OnlyNeedQuestHelper 06-14-19 05:37 AM

No QuestHelper ?
Hello guys, it's not possible to make a QuestHelper for Classic ? I don't talk about Questie.

Ty :)

Xrystal 06-14-19 06:32 AM

Bear in mind that not everyone got into the Beta to work on their addons or revamp old ones. Hopefully we will get access next month.

OnlyNeedQuestHelper 06-14-19 07:46 AM

Ok so there is hope

Thank you :)

kernighan 09-11-19 11:48 AM

Lightheaded is available for Classic now
Questie (I know you said don't mention it, but... it's available). ;)
QuestGuru is working on a classic version
MonkeyQuest is available as well

All great Quest tools.

Nimhfree 09-11-19 06:34 PM

I am not sure what you want to use QuestHelper for, but you might want to check out WoW Pro. They should have a Classic version out.

myrroddin 09-12-19 03:42 PM

WoW Pro, Zygor, Azeroth Auto Pilot. All three provide QuestHelper guides, sometimes with more features, sometimes with different features.

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