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spiel2001 03-08-09 12:35 AM

Customized nUI layouts and screen shots...
This thread is dedicated to discussing customizing nUI's layouts as well as posting screen shots of your layouts, code snippets or anything else generally related to modifying the default nUI distribution's appearance of functionality.

If you've modified nUI, I encourage you to post your mods and/or screen shots of your layout. Likewise, even if you've only added other mods to nUI and would like to share screen shots, please feel free to post away. However, this thread is not intended for general discussion... please limit your posts to the topic at hand.

I would ask that you consider using the "manage attachments" button to attach your files and/or images to your posts rather than embed them. It makes the thread more readable and saves posting them on someone else's web site. You do *not* have to use PhotoBucket and similar sites to host your screen shots... just upload them directly to WoWI with your post. Doesn't get much easier than that!

NOTE: In the interest of clarity and signal to noise ratio... I may choose to delete, edit or move posts from this thread from time to time. In addition, I may add screen shots from this thread to the official gallery at when and where worthy (with credit given where due).:D

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