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Moerac 11-01-12 09:08 PM

Chi Bar, Lunar Bar
Can someone tell me hoe to move the chi bar etc as it is on top of my toon and right in the middle of the HUD. I have tried to use the NUI config but to no avail. ty:)

Chmee 11-01-12 10:18 PM

Type /nui movers

There will be a lot of red on the screen. This indicates stuff that can be moved. One of the red areas covers pretty much the whole screen. You have to move that out of the way so you can reach the chi bar. Put the bar where you want it, and anything else you want to move, and then move the large red area (I forgot what that is) so it covers the whole screen again. Then type /nui movers to toggle it off.

spiel2001 11-02-12 06:44 AM

The big red box is the one for the pet battle frame. And you can just right-click it when you're done to return it to the default location.

Moerac 11-02-12 05:10 PM

Response to my problem
Thank you so much for the quick response this is such a great community.

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