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samyonair 12-31-14 12:21 PM

Waiting: Keybindings
Hi All,

I for now will take a look to Keybindings to get them fixed for Localisation, and Design Issues, Nelegalno has helped me a lot to figure out how to do it for the Carbonite code, will locale it for every language including enUS to have a better understanding for Users, because Keybinds cannot declared as true

Hope to get it work to end of Week

I will do the terms first all with toggle name every Translator has to change it then I will make a Guide here how to

Greetings Samyonair

samyonair 01-01-15 01:50 PM

My PR with Changes is up on Github,

have done Module based bindings and locales

Greetings Samyonair

samyonair 01-03-15 02:31 AM

PR updated to Commit #215 from Rah-lakoah, but for now will not update anymore until have Information, if the changes are ok.

It would be great if Rythal can tell me something, what he think about it.

If we could pull it to master branch, or leave it,

until then I will wait and close merge conflicts and pull it

because almost every language pull gets a merge conflict, by terms for keybinds or whitespace Issues

greetings Samyonair

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