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dluxx00 01-12-16 05:56 PM

need macro for clicking random battlegrounds in pvp pane
I have found that as of yesterday I need to click on the "random battlegrounds" button in the pvp pane to queue for them. Does anyone have a macro to make this selection so I do not have to click on it? Thanks.

Phanx 01-17-16 06:57 PM

I'm pretty sure that joining a battleground queue requires a hardware event, so an addon can't do it for you. You have to physically press a key or click a button.

If you just want a macro that you can activate with a hotkey instead of moving the mouse to click, move the mouse over the button (just this once) that you want to "click" and type this command:


This will open a special tooltip listing all of the UI objects under the cursor. Find the name of the button (it should be fairly obvious from its name) and then put that in a macro:


/click RandomBattlegroundQueueJoinButton
Then you can put the macro on an action button and use it with a hotkey, or you can use an addon like PhanxBind to bind a key directly to the macro without needing to have it on an action button.

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