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Jaxington 09-18-16 01:02 PM

Find More Bug
Whenever I go to my Find More tab for WoW it doesnt show any options or anything for me to choose. It wont let me search and no matter what I do I cant get anything to pop up.

This works perfectly fine for my ESO mods, as it shows my current and many more in the Find More tab.

Any ideas? First time user for WoW mods.

Seerah 09-18-16 03:09 PM

I assume you're talking about Minion? I'll move this to the Minion forum. As a heads up, you'll probably be asked to provide the log file. (You can find it through the minion settings or here.)

Dolby 09-18-16 03:56 PM

If you've told Minion not to auto-detect a game like WoW there is a bug where Minion won't load our AddOn database for that game.

There are three things you can do, choose what ever one feels the most comfortable for you.

1. Go to Minion settings (Cogs icon in the way upper right of the window). Scroll down to 'Detection' and press the button labeled 'Reset Game Detection'. Close Minion and open it back up. When you open it back up Minion will ask what games to Scan for, choose both WOW and ESO and you should be fine.


2. Open the minion.xml and change the following line...

<game-config game-id="WOW" scannable="false"/>
Change to...

<game-config game-id="WOW" scannable="true"/>
Restart Minion and you should now get data under 'Find More'.


3. Delete your minion.xml and restart Minion. When prompted for what games to detect make sure both WOW and ESO are selected.

Tweeker 11-03-16 05:43 PM

Heads up folks, do NOT use this...

I tried it years ago and it wiped out all of my addons...

Tried it today and it thought that every one of my addons were needing updates.

So it appeared to be updating them, but all it did was installed older broken versions of them and now wow wont load... so I have to turn off ADDONS then go back and manually replace 271 addons...
(now if i can remember which ones i had)

Thanks minion...

/rude fault for not learning the first time though..

VincentSDSH 11-03-16 06:18 PM

Minion is quite happy and stable, minus the odd bug.

Minion only works off WoW Interface; not all authors keep WoW Interface updated with their latest addons; no addon manager can keep up with ad hoc versioning so it can only detect differences in version numbers and, if you don't have the version that's on WoW Interface, it assumes an update b/c it can't do anything else.

Compare the numbers, decide to update or not depending on if the author has kept WoW Interface up to date.

If, however, you turn on auto-update...there's just no excuse for blaming Minion for self-inflicted harm.

Tweeker 11-03-16 06:31 PM

The only self inflicted harm I did was follow instructions and prompts.

like the option to back up my addons prior to updating any of them, heck that made me feel safe..

till i realized that too did not work.

you would figure that it'd work... or at least part of it

Dolby 11-07-16 05:06 PM

Not sure how this is related to OP's thread?

Tweeker, it did make a backup. It is located in C:\Users\<username>\.minion\backup\ or if osx ~\.minion\backup\ .

Minion can't really tell if a version you have installed is newer or not since many version numbers are so subjective. So Minion just detects if the AddOn is different than the one hosted on wowinterface, if it is then it wants to update it (unless you right click ignore update).

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