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amitakapoor 09-19-16 11:55 PM

What is the name of first PC game ?
Hi friend a person ask me this Question . What is the name of first PC game ? and who is father of first PC game

Fizzlemizz 09-20-16 12:11 AM

Define PC in this context?
From the first sandwich board home creations through Commodore/Atari etc.. Or are we talking more Intel DOS/Windows which were probably the first ubiquitous "PC"s

SDPhantom 09-22-16 10:16 AM

From what I've heard, most credit Pong with being the first game ever made. All games, even console games, are developed on computers and are then compiled for the target system.

TSquared 09-22-16 10:36 AM

Like SDPhantom said: Pong is considered the first computer game ever made.

The first PC or Personal Computer is generally considered to be the KENBAK-1. I don't think there were any games for it. It was not widely sold.

The first Personal Computer with a decent install base is the Altair 8800
Kill the Bit game I *think* is the only game on that platform

Fizzlemizz 09-22-16 10:54 AM

Pong was the first interactive video style game but it was predated by various text based games like D&D

SDPhantom 09-22-16 02:48 PM

After a quick Google search, I found an article for Bertie the Brain, a tic-tac-toe game demonstrated at the Canadian National Exhibition in 1950. The predecessor for Pong called Tennis For Two was made in 1958.

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