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vvv444 10-26-16 07:12 AM

GetQuestLink() returning empty results

After the patch 7.1 release, this function seems to stop working...

/dump GetQuestLink(1)

just returns empty results...

Any idea?

Best regards,

Ketho 10-26-16 08:57 AM

Looks like it now accepts a Quest ID (limited to currently accepted quests) instead of the quest log index
Dunno how it would work if you just want the quest at index 1, if you for some reason still need to use the quest index

vvv444 10-26-16 09:14 AM

Actually I just wanted to find out the quest IDs of the quests that I have active. Previously I was just iterating like this:

for i = 1, GetNumQuestLogEntries() do
  ... GetQuestLink(i) ...

The question how do I do it now...

Yocote 10-26-16 11:47 AM

You can get the ID from GetQuestLogTitle. Here is a snippet from my code in QuestSounds; (GetQuestLogTitle returns more values, but I didn't put those in variables since I didn't need them).


local title, level, _, _, _, complete, daily, id = GetQuestLogTitle(index)
local link = GetQuestLink(id)

vvv444 10-26-16 02:22 PM

Thank you!

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