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FranekW 06-20-19 07:42 AM

Getting info about objects for jewelcrafter
What would be the best approach to check inside LUA if a certain object or object class is on the map and is ready for players to interact with? I am thinking of Jewelcrafting and the Shrines where JCers collect gems daily. The shrines are available to use only once per day and JC has to chose one of them because all of them become inactive until reset.

I would like to indicate that a player can still use a shrine and collect gems otherwise it will be a waist after reset.

it looks to me Shrines are sort of NPCs and the fact players can collect gems once is like a daily quest or bonus task and players interact with NPCs only daily. But I tried to solve the problem using the function GetTaskInfo() and it doesn't return anything. It accepts QuestID and i don't the way to find it.

Anybody has any iade how to approach this?

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