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FlameLord 09-24-19 09:25 AM

KgPanels custom SideBar script
Hello everyone i hope you doing well

I'm trying to make my own Ui with KG Panels with custom sidebar as well, but i not find on Wow Ace or google a script for make sidebars. I has downloaded this kgpanels layout from Bill

i'm trying to do the same but i didn't find what script he used to show the texture and attach the action bar and hide it, i only know, that is with "On click" section.

Here is another picture that explain how it work

I hope some one can help me will me so nice
Thank you in advance

Have a nice day.

Fizzlemizz 09-24-19 11:06 AM

It could be something as simple as adjusting the SetPoint of the side bar when the button is clicked

Something OnClick like:
Lua Code:
  1. local point = SideBarFrame:GetPoint(1)
  2. SideBarFrame:ClearAllpoints()
  3. if point == "LEFT" then
  4.     SideBarFrame:SetPoint("RIGHT", UIParent, "LEFT")
  5. else
  6.     SideBarFrame:SetPoint("LEFT", UIParent, "LEFT")
  7. end

The button would be attached to the left of the SideBar panel and "move" with it.

You might want to change:

if point == "LEFT" then
from "LEFT" to "RIGHT" depending on which side of the SideBar you initially attach to the left of UIParent.

FlameLord 09-25-19 01:32 AM

Hello, thank you for your help and quick reply

i'm learning lua, i don't know so much about it, i have this script to the button, it's giving me 1x [string "SideBarButtton_OnClickUp"]:5: attempt to call global 'TogglekgPanel2' (a nil value) when i click on it, i don't know how to attach it to the bar.

I'm ttrying to attach the SideBar to Bartender 4 bar 4 using this but not work


if showing then
ToggleBarttender4(BT4Bar4(bar, show))
bar:SetConfigAlpha((show and 1) or 0);
bar:SetVisibilityOption("always", not show);

this is he on click sidebar but gives me this error [string "SideBar_OnClickUp"]:1: in function <[string "SideBar_OnClickUp"]:1>

i has tried o use part of lua of SideBar of the addon MayronUi but it have private funtions and maybe it not work with kgpanels.

jeffy162 09-25-19 05:15 AM

Try checking out the Slidebar part of the Auctioneer addon. Maybe that will help since the UI that you use seems to just be a collection of images. :o

Fizzlemizz 09-25-19 10:22 AM

In the code I supplied I used SideBarFrame as the name given to the "Side bar" container panel. I don't know the actual name or how KgPanels names it panels (frames) for use in code so you will need to substitute "SideBarFrame" with the name KgPanels uses (or you have assigned) for that panel.

I don't know what TogglekgPanel2 is and given the error it generates, neither does the game, "attempt to call global 'xxxxxx' (a nil value)" means "that thing (function) you tried to call does not exist at the time you tried to call it.

Seerah 09-25-19 12:52 PM

Did you read through the FAQ in the kgPanels window?

FlameLord 09-26-19 02:25 PM

Thank you so much for your help, i was use "TogglekgPanel2" why i used /fstack to try it to find that frame name, but in faq is how to attach a kgpanel using kgPanels:FetchFrame and only was to add ("frame-name") it and a fade in/out scrip than i found in a .lua inside mayronUI folder helps me to create the fade animation.

Here on wow interface i found a post when some one was attached a bartender bar, now it looks like this

thanks a lot for your help guys

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