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hasnogaems 10-20-19 01:13 PM

Can I make friendly player models clickthrough?
It keep happening, when im loosing aggro then trying to target unit, then boom, shaman place totem and i target it, or somebody run in. If I really need to target someone I can use raidframes. How to make friendly player models clickthrough?

Seerah 10-20-19 03:06 PM

You cannot.

SDPhantom 10-20-19 07:49 PM

Addons can't interact with the rendered world. They run completely isolated in a UI layer on top of it.

hasnogaems 10-21-19 04:12 AM

I imagined it can be achieved through editing cursor behavior properties.
Addons capable of doing this right?
Something like: if mouseover=friendly then on click do nothing
or target closest to cursor enemy
or target friendly targets target

SDPhantom 10-21-19 11:15 AM

Addons don't have any control over how the cursor interacts with the game world either. An invisible frame created and positioned under the cursor is the only way to block clicks, but this also blocks mouseover detection, rendering that approach ineffective.

In addition, changing target is a protected action and cannot be run directly by addons.

hasnogaems 10-21-19 10:04 PM

Is it possible to create invisible frame only on friendly unit models that will copy shape of the models? And then on click make it: target targets target if exist

SDPhantom 10-21-19 11:45 PM

Frames are always rectangular, there is no shaping.

And reiterating concerning reading a unit's model...

Originally Posted by SDPhantom (Post 334340)
Addons can't interact with the rendered world.

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