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urakkaamyx 05-12-19 01:02 AM

AceDB-3.0 General Question
So, Im having a hard time trying to figure out AceDB-3.0.

well, not really a hard time, but I'm wandering on how the relationship between Addons and Modules works with the DB.

is it Addon ->db<-Modules or Addon->DB1, module->DB2.

I read the documents, but nothing gets talked about on modules except, setting it so a module doesnt load.

:) just a general question.

myrroddin 05-12-19 12:49 PM

Modules can have their own saved variables independently from a main addon. If you do this, treat them just like any other addon.

On the other hand, if you want modules to plug into a main addon's saved variables, you would use the namespace method.

After a lot of trial, error, and asking questions, I got the second method to work in SmartRes2 and SmartRes2_Chat. Both addons are no longer maintained, but the code to show you namespace and modules should still work as an example.

urakkaamyx 05-12-19 07:09 PM

Wonderful, Thank you.. ive been scratching my head on the relationship... :)

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